Things we do

and love doing quite well.

Optimizations Optimizations: increase your conversion rate
Do you have a page or process which you'd like to improve in terms of conversion, checkouts or other calls to action? We can help you increase the conversion rate of your existing product or web site from idea to implementation. Starting at $5,900

Concepting Concepting: rapidly explore product ideas
Do you have ambigous emergent product ideas which you need help articulating? Hire us to guide you and explore stories of how your customers can accomplish usable tasks while at the same time solving real business problems. $2,900 per user story.

Evaluations Evaluations: receive advice to focus your efforts
Do you have an existing product and wish to identify where the usability pain points occur? We'll look at your product or web site and make recommendations with clearly defined problems. Occasionally, we'll also sketch out a possible concept to go along with a recommendation. $5,000 per review.

Hourly services we offer at a $140 rate

1.User Interface & Interaction Design This is a our primary service which helps clients to explore multiple ideas rapidly for web or mobile products and applications. We help teams to visualize the big picture of how a product might work even when requirements are still unclear and emerging. These explorations result in visual stories of use or flows which clearly show the interactions that customers have across an interface. This way of working allows us to be highly iterative and define business requirements, problems and solutions as we move along. Here we sacrifice detail for breadth of ideas, minimize formal documentation and maximize conversations. It's a highly agile and creative way of micro-ideating that makes use of the Interactive Sketching Notation - our landmark style of designing interfaces.

2.Detailing & Visual Design Often it is beneficial to move forward from a concept towards a more detailed and refined representation even if for only a few selected screens. While doing so we'll attend to such details as brand, style, typography, spacing, depth, contrasts, colors, position, and sizing all in the name of setting a proper visual hierarchy for your product and making sure the proper calls to action are visible.

3.Prototyping & Front End Development

At times when the product is highly interactive or experimental, we will prototype the interaction in a native environment using HTML, Javascript and CSS. The prototype gives us and our clients the ability the experience a simulation or demo of a specific interaction or flow and can be used to build excitement within a team. The scope of a prototype may vary, although most often we'll recommend to focus on a small segment of an interface. Most prototypes also have a short life span, are throw away and are intended to generate maximum insight with minimum effort.

Core qualities of working with us

  • Good Enough Documentation
    We believe that overemphasis on formal documentation leads to a false sense of consensus. Instead valuing agile thinking, we always try to minimize the amount of documentation we do and maximize the informative value of it, while balancing the amount of conversation.
  • Transparent Design
    We design in the open and actively seek and provide criticism on all of our work. We involve you in the process.
  • Rapid Turnaround
    We may deliver initial ideas within a few days, but often we'll work over a number of weeks in order to immerse ourselves in your business.
  • We Listen, We Recommend
    When you provide feedback, we'll take it in to linger for a bit or read in between the lines before making an alternative recommendation.
  • Iterative Cycles
    We never assume that we fully understand what to design from day one. We believe that good design is iterative and ideas have to be rethought and reframed as new knowledge is generated during the course of a project.
  • Multiple Idea Generation
    You can expect more than one idea regularly from us. We don't lock in to the first thing that comes to mind.

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